Special Moves & Spaces:

Items on the board with a dark border  around them can only be purchased by one player ie: Office Space, Radio, and TV advertising. 

Challenge Petitions: Can only occur with a CW card and on the next turn for $100. If a player's petitions are challenged they must drop back to +1 on the polling map and miss one turn.

Drop Out & Endorse:  Can only occur during a Political Play turn, a candidate leaves the game giving remaining dollars and a two point bump to the candidate of their choice.

Community Support: If a player lands on this square they receive +1 poll point and must contribute $100 which goes back to campaign finance.

If a player runs out of money, there are still in the game. However, if you land on community Support or pull a Scandal card that requires a contribution refund or payment for additional sign you are out of the game.


  1. What happens when you roll doubles?
  2. Can I use the political die if I'm not on the ballot?
  3. How do I earn money?
    You earn money every time you land on a fundraiser square, You will receive the amount listed on the square.
  4. Can I buy or trade points, petitions, or office space?
    No, you can only give money when dropping out of the game and endorsing another candidate.