About Us?

Election Day: The Game was created to answer a question. After overcoming a childhood of abject poverty and seeing communities struggle to survive while others thrived, civic engagement was an obvious path for me. Over ten years I built a career in politics working with presidents, mayors, council members, and people from all walks of life. I had gotten more petition signatures than I could list and helped raise tens of millions of dollars, all to help great leaders grow communities. But when I tried explaining all of that to my kids, their eyes rolled, their mouths yawned, and I could see their interest in civics quickly wilting. It hit me then, that the best way to explain it was through a language they understood: A game. An election game!

I drew the concept on paper, grabbed a few pennies and was impressed by how quickly their interest had revived. Even my wife, who had two degrees and was already a political enthusiast, was sucked into the political game. After the kids had reluctantly gone to bed, my wife and I looked at each other and knew we had something special. Our children, who were barely nine and four years old at the time, had learned the basics of campaigning and were able to relate them to the real world. It was though we had lifted the veil for a system that seemed too obscure for the average person. Now, our elementary kids had grasped the concept so well that they felt as though they could run their own campaigns; not just in politics, but for other goals as well. We had given them tools for leadership that weren’t due until their college years.

With a lot of work and support, we set out on a journey to develop a game that teaches both children and adults the ins and outs of running for political office. For those put off by the mechanics of politics, this election game mentally bridges the gap between politics and civic engagement; awakening the potential for leadership in every player. Maybe those players will step up to run for office like some of my friends did, or maybe they’ll be more excited to support their communities. For players like our kids, maybe they’ll chase larger goals because they’ll feel more empowered to lead. In either case, Election Day: The Game takes people from being a virtual player to being an impactful player in the world around them.

Most importantly, our game is fun. Not too many words, not preachy, and not boring. This game has enough unpredictability to keep your opponents guessing and the right amount of structure to allow every player to develop a strategy that works for them. The first time you play Election Day: The Game, you know once is not enough. You may be like us and play four games in a row or play four games in a week, but you’ll want to play again. And the moment your candidate wins the election, is the moment you feel ready to take on the world. That’s why, our motto is “Real leaders play games”. We hope you enjoy Election Day: The Game and we looked forward to seeing you in the lead.

Thank you to all of our supporters for helping us make our dream a reality