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  • Election Day

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    The Game is a fun board game where players build there own campaigns and once their candidate is on the ballot must climb the polls towards victory, all while avoiding the scandals. It shares the most exciting secrets of the political process, it helps people understand how elections are won. Like any campaign, this game is 1 part chance and 2 parts strategy. But unlike most real life campaigns, our game is 100 percent fun! You don’t have to be a political junkie, like us, to enjoy because it’s easy to learn and captivating for most ages. Some games teach you about money, others about life. When you finish playing Election Day, you walk away ready to lead the world!


    Each game comes with:


    Game instructions

    • 1 game board
    • 4 campaign bus pieces
    • 4 candidate pieces
    • Campaign money
    • Deck of Scandal cards
    • Deck of Conventional Wisdom cards
    • 2 Campaign Dice
    • 1 Political Die
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